13th World Congress on Pain (IASP) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Aug./Sept. 2010

Im Rahmen des 13th World Congress on Pain (IASP) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Aug./Sept. 2010) – hatten wir eine Posterpräsentation in Zusammenarbeit mit Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, USA – mit dem folgenden Titel (bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, sofern Sie einen PDF-File des Posters zugesandt bekommen wollen – oder klicken Sie einfach hier, um es sich anzusehen Poster_LEP_IASP 2010):

Title: “Effects of a Novel TRPV1 Antagonist ABT-102 in a Human Experimental Pain Study Using Laser Somatosensory Evoked Potentials Obtained from UVB-Irritated and Normal Skin in Healthy Volunteers”

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About Klaus Schaffler

Dr. med. Klaus Schaffler (MD) has been specializing in the electrophysiology and pharmacology of the human central nervous system (CNS) – as well as in the field of human experimental pain research. During this development process, HPR Dr. Schaffler GmbH has issued over 175 presentations/ publications (sharing more than 50 on pain/ analgesia) and has conducted more than 150 phase-I studies with quite different objectives.