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Laser Algesimetry

Our specialty is to objectivate pain responses after medication. To achieve this we developed a proven method with high validity.

The research company has elaborated a special model – Laser-Algesimetry – under consideration of different sensitized and non-sensitized states of the skin (e.g. normal, UV and Capsaicin irritated skin) to examine and analyze the effect of analgesic / anti-nociceptive,  anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperalgesic compounds in humans. This well developed and validated method of  pain measurement guarantees a highly objective and quantitative approach to investigate the systemical and topical efficacy of analgesics.

HPR methodology
Laser stimulation

By examining brain responses to repetitive nociceptive stimuli via Laser Evoked Potentials (LEPs) – recorded online real-time Vertex-EEG signals are used. This strong, unique and systematic methodological feature of HPR makes us somehow unique worldwide.



Additionally we provide flexible and creative study designs, as well as quick statistical data analysis and reporting. Altogether our expertise enables us to provide customers with outstanding examination and analysis of medication effects on CNS and pain processing. Due to our vast experience we’re hosting a large collected database of prior investigated (typical and atypical) analgesics and topicals in different compound groups (see our Database on LEPs & analgesics), and is also based on a large scale of experimental and practical trial experience and competence in this field.


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To guarantee maximum objectivity, validity and reliability our trials are double-blinded multiple crossover designs