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HPR’s research on topical compound by Alzecure Pharma – presented June 9-11 and June 16-18 at IASP 2021 World Congress on Pain

AlzeCure gets late-breaking abstract on ACD440 in neuropathic pain accepted for presentation

April 27, 2021

AlzeCure Pharma AB (publ) (FN STO: ALZCUR), a pharmaceutical company that develops a broad portfolio of drug candidates for diseases affecting the central nervous system, with projects in both Alzheimer’s disease and pain, today announced that it has received approval to present an abstract on its lead candidate drug ACD440 for neuropathic pain at the IASP 2021 World Congress on Pain, which this year will be held completely digitally on June 9-11 and June 16-18.

The late-breaking abstract, titled ACD440 – A potent TRPV1 Antagonist for the topical Treatment of Pain, will be presented at the biggest global pain conference IASP 2021 World Congress on Pain by Dr. Märta Segerdahl, project leader and CMO at AlzeCure. The other authors include Dr. Klaus Schaffler, who conducted the Proof-of-Mechanism study of ACD440, Dr. Johan Sandin, CSO at AlzeCure, and Matthias Rother, Medical Program Director at AlzeCure.
On April 19, slightly ahead of time, AlzeCure announced positive clinical data from the study, which demonstrate that ACD440, a TRPV1 antagonist and AlzeCure’s drug candidate for neuropathic pain within the company’s Painless platform, was able to demonstrate positive proof-of-mechanism data, showing analgesic efficacy in man. The observed effects with ACD440 were highly significant over placebo. Also, it was well tolerated as a topical gel on human skin which indicates good suitability for further clinical development, i.e. as a local treatment for neuropathic pain conditions.
“I am very pleased that we once again receive an approval for an abstract with one of our leading candidate drugs, this time from our Painless platform. This is a clear validation of our clinical development platform and strengthens our conviction that we are right in our research and our projects. The new data we have for ACD 440 in neuropatic pain are promising, and we look forward to present it”, said Martin Jönsson, CEO of AlzeCure Pharma AB.
The abstract and the poster will be available on AlzeCure’s website after the presentation at IASP 2021 World Congress of pain. See Video here: (