Skeleto-motor functions: Tremor

Usefulness of the methods

Measurement of tremor is of great importance for the characterisation of anti-parkinsonian drugs, of some psychotropic drugs which may induce or reduce tremor and of new anti-asthmatic agents which may be advantageous with regard to induction of tremor in comparison to older ß2-stimulants/ mimetics (for an example see figure left) and some preparations of theophylline.

Principle of the methods

With our spectral tremor analyser, and a three dimensional accelerometer the frequency and amplitude (intensity) of tremor can be measured as a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) power spectrum under relaxed, semi-intentional and intentional skeletomotor conditions.

Reference data

Data are available for ß2-mimetics, antiparkinsonian drugs and acute administration of alcohol.

Advantages of the methods

Together with the tremor spectral analysis we can complete tremor analysis with the additional testing of sensu-motor ability – as needed in everyday life. On-line evaluation of our measurements allows for prompt assessment and documentation of results.


  • Evidence, quantification and characterisation of the influence of anti-parkinsonian drugs on tremor
  • Quantification and characterisation of the influence on tremor of any other drug acting on the CNS and/or inducing/reducing tremor – as a “side effect”
  • Concomitant pharmacokinetics (pd/pk)